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1) Longer Life than Fluorescent Tube:min 4 years
2) 70%~80% Energy-saving over Fluorescent Tube
3) Solid State,High Shock/Vibration Resistant
4) Work without ballast
5) No RF interference
6) Instant Soft-start
7) Minimum Maintenance Costs
8) Produce Little Heat
9) Rated to Operate from -40F to 122F [-40C to 50C],Perfect for Environments with Extreme Climates
10) Acrylic front cover:never get broken easliy
11) Aluminum back cover: better heat dissipation & thus longer lifetime for the LED
12) Use SMD LED with best lumen maintainance
13) Warranty: 3 years
14) No hazardous matetials & fully ROHS-compliant

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